About Filter Bubbles

Filter bubbles result from personalized searches and news feeds where an algorithm selectively guesses what information a user would like to see based on information about the user (such as interests, friends, past click-behavior, and search history). The problem with the filter bubble is that you will only see content that you and your friends like and therefore miss many important perspectives.

Eli Pariser, the author of The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is hiding from you, made a TED Talk with summarize the challenges with filter bubbles:


This service is created by Newsvoice – a news app showing the best news and perspectives, curated by advanced technology and its readers. Newsvoice wants to encourage people to break their filter bubbles by showing several perspectives on each news story and same news feed to everyone.

We want to empower our readers to upvote and spread stories that the mainstream media might not care about. With a better way of selecting which stories bubbles to the top, we will elect better politicians and make better choices in which companies we support. Together, we can fix the news media and save the democracy.

Download Newsvoice news app here.

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